Cromogenia Units is specialized in Polyurethane-based adhesives, either Solvent-Free, Solvent-Based or Water-Based for the Converting Industry, under the brand name FORZAL.
We are covering all needs of the industry for different types of substrate and applications, through a complete line of adhesives and hardeners adaptable to every user’s required performance, as well as a well-trained sales & technical service that are able to act in every converting area.
With the growth of technology development and improving people’s life, higher quality foods are further required. For the situation, barrier materials are widely used for extending food shelf-life. Usual barrier materials include OPA, PET, PE-EVOH-PE, metallic film, ALU, film with SiOx-AIOx, etc.
Cromogenia Units developed the alternative to create the barrier even with common materials as PP and PE.
Allow to save more than 40% per sqm compared to classical barrier technologies providing the right performance applying 4 to 8 g/sqm wet deposit.
The most effective solution.

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