Cromogenia Units

More than 80 years of experience, investigation and innovation are our guarantee. More than 80 years opting for green chemistry.

Cromogenia Units

Cromogenia Units is a company of the Units Group – founded in 1942 – that develops and produces a wide variety of chemical specialities for a big range of industries around the world. During this more than 80 years of experience our company has established an international scope serving clients of all continents and producing in 6 plants to be found n different countries around our planet: Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and China. Beyond that we count on commercial branches in Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, the United States, Mexico and China.

In Cromogenia Units we have advanced opting for the most efficient technology and R+D to improve the processes and products that are made for our clients as well as for the investigation and promotion of clean technologies that are respectful to our environment. All this maintaining alive one of our deepest values that has accompanied us since our very beginning: our vocation to serve best our clients. 

Because our main objective is it to help our clients developping high-quality products that are adapted to their necessities, help them to improve their profit and at the same time respect the environment.

Our first goal is it to develop, produce and commercialize sustainable chemical specialities that satisfy real necessities and help the people to improve their quality of life.

Cromogenia Units has set up as a leading company of the sector that doesn’t stop advancing and investigating to continue growing and offering a product that can be distinguished by its sustainable quality and development.

Our philosophy: opting for quality and sustainability

Cromogenia Units has always believed that sustainability and quality have to be combined. That is why our investigation and development put their focus on accomplishing high-quality products that are respectful to the environment.

Investigation: “stairway to heaven”

A big team of R+D+I never stops investigating to accomplish better products and processes that offer a high quality and that are responsible in terms of our surroundings.

Cromogenia Units opts for quality, investigation and respect for the environment. Our main objective is it to help our clients to improve their profit with high-quality products that offer more output, less costs and the cleanest technology possible.

Our clients: the force that makes us grow

Committed to maintaining and improving our production and commercial capacities with the help of an extense industrial and commercial network that consists of various production centres, subsidiary companies and a network of agents, we are capable of yielding the appropriate technical service for each and every of our clients in situ.

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