Global Presence

Cromogenia grows together with its clients – offering an international quality service to get to them wherever they are.

Global Presence

Cromogenia Units is a company of the Units Group, founded in 1942, and during these more tan 80 years of experience our company has obtained an international range getting towards clients of all continents and producing in 10 plants located in different countries of the planet: Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil and China. Besides, we count on trading subsidiaries in Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, the United States and China.

Cromogenia Units has advanced opting for the most efficient technology and R+D to improve processes and products that are addressed to our clients so as opting for investigation and promotion of clean technologies that are respectful to our environment.

Cromogenia in the world

Our main objective is it to help our clients to develop high-quality products that adapt to their necessities and help them to improve their benefit respecting at the same time the environment. As well offering our service and collaboration wherever they are, our clients.

Cromogenia Units is a solid company with almost 80 years of history that has based its force and growth on five fundamental pillars: people, innovation, sustainability, internationalization, industrial technology. These five pillars have always been present during our history as they are right now and will be in our future. Values that are the base for stabiliy, creativity and projection of our company.

“Although we are a company that produces and possesses markets on the inside and especially outside of our country, Cromogenia continues having a familial infrastructure, a fact that permits us to be faster and closer to our clients.”

José Luis Cabestany


“Everytime we create a new product, the effort to adapt us the most to the necessities of our clients rewards us with the pride of having gotten them satisfied with the result”

Ramón Cabestany

Managing Director

“Cromogenia is a company with familial values and international projection. That is why we were, are and will be always wanting to be a company of the future.“

Álex Cabestany


“One of our biggest strengths is our flexibiliy and quickness when it comes to giving solutions to our clients“.

Ricardo Micó

Global General Manager Leather Chemical Division

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