Quality and environment

The only possible way for Chemistry is sustainability. In Cromogenia Units we are searching for quality originating from sustainability.

Quality and sustainability

Since its foundation in 1942 Cromogenia Units opts for quality, investigation and respect towards the environment. Our main goal is it to help our clients to improve their benefit with high-quality products that offer best performance, lowest costs and the cleanest technology.

Our politics of continuous improvement gets transferred to our clients so that they continue growing. To achieve this we provide them with a human team that is formed of more than 300 people that are committed and are continuously formed, an efficient technological equipment that progresses to give new more efficient solutions to our clients thanks to our R+D department, a wide infrastructure of production and after-sales and a big spectrum of stable distribution channels.

Committed to qualiy and respect towards the environment, Cromogenia Units applies Management Systems that are certificated with the Norms ISO-9001 and ISO 14001.

Highest quality

In Cromogenia Units we work every day to achieve satisfaction of our clients without forgetting our commitment with the environmental protection. This is why we form part as well of ILWG (International Leather Working Group) whose main goal is it to evaluate the environmental impact of tanners and to promote sustainable corporate practices inside the leather industry. This is only an example of our worry about the environment that we apply to each and every sector.

Our projects

Cromogenia, in a clear commitment to quality and innovation, participates in different European programs and projects in coordination with institutions, entities and other companies with the aim of researching in the different fields in which Cromogenia Units is a leader. You can find out about our latest projects by following the link.

Certificates and organisms

Our commitment to the environment, the quality of our products and our service are reflected in the certificates that approve them. You can consult them via the following links.

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