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What is?

The Internal Information Channel of Cromogenia Units is the preferred system for internally communicating possible infractions committed in a work or professional context, in accordance with the provisions of Law 2/2023, of February 20, regulating the protection of individuals who report regulatory violations and the fight against corruption.

The aforementioned Channel is integrated into the Internal Information System of Cromogenia Units, which is managed in accordance with the general principles established in our Internal Information System Policy, which you can consult at this link.

This system is based, among other things, on the principles of security, objectivity, confidentiality, proportionality, respect for the guarantees of the parties involved and the regulations applicable, as well as the need for the informant to act in good faith and with an honest awareness that serious harmful events have occurred or may occur.

Communications received in the Internal Information Channel of Cromogenia Units will be processed in accordance with the Procedure for the management and processing of information received in the internal information channel of Cromogenia Units.

As indicated in the Procedure, communications may be made anonymously.

Communications to the Internal Information Channel of Cromogenia Units

Communications to the Internal Information Channel of Cromogenia Units can be made through any of the following means:

Internal form

Communications made through the “Internal Information Channel of Cromogenia Units” form can be submitted in writing using the form provided below.

Written Communication

By sending a written communication addressed to the attention of the Instructor of the Internal Information Channel of Cromogenia Units, to the following postal address:

Calle Cuarenta, 14- 16 – 08040 Barcelona (Spain).

In-person meeting

If the informant prefers and requests it through any of the identified means, communication can also be presented through an in-person meeting within a maximum period of seven days.

Internal form

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