Steel and other metals play a crucial role in numerous industries, from construction to manufacturing. However, their durability and strength can be compromised by various environmental adversities. In this article, we will explore the six most common threats affecting steel and other metals, and how we can ensure robust and prolonged protection for metal surfaces through Unicorr, the water-based acrylic resin designed to provide solid corrosion protection.

  1. Corrosion: The Invisible Enemy Corrosion is the primary villain that affects the structural integrity of metals. Exposure to moisture, chemicals, and saline environments can trigger corrosion. To counteract this problem, the application of Unicorr ensures exceptional corrosion protection that can withstand even the most severe corrosive conditions (up to 500 hours in a salt spray test).
  2. Erosion: The Silent Wear Erosion, caused by friction and abrasive particles in the environment, can weaken the metal surface over time.
  3. Thermal Degradation: Resisting Heat and Cold Extreme temperature variations can affect the mechanical properties of metal. Using alloys designed to resist extreme thermal conditions and applying specialized heat treatments can minimize thermal degradation. The Unicorr acrylic resin is a much more sustainable alternative to traditional solvent-based paints. It responds to the need to reduce VOC emissions into the environment and people. It also eliminates corrosion inhibitor pigments and anti-flash rust additives from its formula.
  4. UV Radiation: Protecting Against Sunlight Exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause discoloration and oxidation on the metal surface.
  5. Atmospheric Pollution: Dealing with Impure Air Atmospheric pollution, with compounds such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, can accelerate corrosion. Strategies like applying products such as Unicorr acrylic resin, which allows a direct one-coat application to metal without extensive cleaning or multiple pretreatment layers, protect against this adversity.
  6. Marine Environments: Coastal Challenges Exposure to salty air in marine environments is a particular challenge for metals. It can lead to constant maintenance of metal structures.

In conclusion, proactively addressing these environmental adversities is essential to ensure the durability and optimal performance of metals. Protection against these threats ensures that steel and other metals continue to play a crucial role in various industrial applications.

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