In the dynamic world of metal surface coatings, tradition has long favored the use of solvent-borne paints. These paints were celebrated for their ability to provide robust barrier protection and a dazzling gloss finish.  Yet, they came with a significant drawback – the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which did no favors for the environment. As governments tightened regulations on VOC emissions, a more eco-conscious alternative emerged: waterborne polymer dispersions for anticorrosive paints, particularly for safeguarding exposed steel surfaces in the open air.

Now, let’s venture into the design of superior corrosion protection. While enhancing a binder’s barrier properties, including its resilience against water, salt, and atmospheric elements, marks a step forward, it alone cannot guarantee full corrosion protection. The remarkable improvement happens when we introduce anticorrosion inhibitors into the paint formulation, alongside a proper chemical pretreatment of the metal surface.

Over the past few decades, the coating industry has undergone a seismic shift towards the development of single-layer Direct to Metal Coatings (DTM). This approach aims to trim costs while preserving efficiency and performance. Imagine applying a coating directly onto metal surfaces, without the fuss of extensive cleaning or multiple pretreatment layers.

At Cromogenia, our mantra echoes the pursuit of sustainability and innovation. We are dedicated to creating solutions that blend sustainability and performance, always attuned to market demands and the aspirations of our clients. Enter UNICORR aim to introduce novelty in the landscape of waterborne binders for DTM paint formulations. UNICORR, a waterborne acrylic binder designed with ingenious phosphate functionality, eliminates the need for supplementary corrosion inhibitors to ensure robust corrosion protection. When applied under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity, UNICORR-derived films unveil remarkable resistance to corrosion. The heart of this innovation lies in the covalent bonding of phosphate groups with the hydroxyl groups on the metal’s surface, culminating in a thin and impenetrable passive iron phosphate layer that intimately bonds with the polymeric film. The result? Outstanding corrosion protection that can weather even the harshest corrosive conditions (up to 500 hours in a salt spray test).

Unicorr, the resistance you need, the protection you deserve:

In summary, UNICORR, designed by Cromogenia, emerges as a novelty in the world of waterborne anticorrosion paints, combining substrate passivation and exceptional water resistance for extended, robust protection. Say goodbye to corrosion inhibitors and hello to innovation!

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