Cromogenia leads the initiative of Bio and Eco Friendly products in the ecological transition of leather finishing.

Last May ended the series of conferences through the Aaqtic platform, led by Alex Bertran, head of the Cromogenia Units Laboratory, on Bio and Eco Friendly products for the ecological transition in leather finishing. For several weeks, talks were offered that addressed the importance of adopting a global strategy in the production of Bio-based products, as well as the need to innovate in more sustainable products.

At Cromogenia, we understand the importance of betting on a sustainable economy and that is why we have decided to start a production line of Bio and Eco Friendly products. For too long we have been using traditional raw materials derived from petroleum, without thinking that they are not unlimited. Therefore, it is important to make changes both in the value system and in the production process and to have a more conscious and sustainable mentality.



Bio & Eco Friendly Production

The production of Bio products involves the use of a high percentage of raw materials of animal or vegetable origin, based on carbon 14, whether traditional or newly developed. On the other hand, Eco Friendly products approach the standard of more environmentally friendly products than traditional ones, maintaining levels well below those currently allowed. These products will be labeled free of hazardous pictograms and free of restricted substances, among other parameters.

During the talk, he emphasized that the search for an intelligent balance in the use of Bio products is a path of the present that will affect our future and will give us prominence and visibility in the eyes of our customers and consumers. In this way, moving towards a more sustainable process is one of the best decisions we can make to preserve our planet and build a greener future.

In conclusion, Alex Bertran‘s lectures have been a valuable opportunity to raise awareness in the community about the importance of adopting a more sustainable mindset in the production of leather products. Cromogenia demonstrates its commitment to the environment and society with the initiative to produce Bio and Eco Friendly products.