REHAP is a European project where different companies take part in, among others Cromogenia Units. Its goal is it to enhance the European industry of bioeconomy via the creation of new materials out of agrarian and silvicultural rests. Besides it wants to investigate how they can be used commercially in the sector of ecologial construction.

With its opting for quality and environment, Cromogenia Units has joined thel REHAP project whose main goal is it to convert natural waste into materials for a sustainable construction. This is why its goals are to transform this waste into sustainable polyurethanes so that these can be used to develop isolating foams and adhesives so as flame resistant products. They investigate as well to develop with this natural waste new bioresins of high performance to produce ecologial wood panels; to produce ecological sustainable cement with improved properties or to design and compose a sustainable ecological flame resistant construction solution.

This project wants to show the commerical potential of the development of ecological products in comparison with the already existing solutions.