Cromogenia develops and certifies its BIO textile products.

Cromogenia BIO textile products

From Cromogenia, we keep up with the growing needs of the market, based on the importance of sustainability and ecology within the production of chemicals for the textile field. We are always involved in the improvements demanded by society and, therefore, by our customers.

For this reason, we are developing BIO versions of many of our products that continue to meet the usual high quality technical requirements.


Cromogenia BIO textile products


Following the development (by our R&D technicians) of a 100% bio-based blocking agent for isocyanate-based crosslinkers (formaldehyde-free), we have worked on obtaining BIO versions of our water-based polymers, both in our range of polyurethane dispersions and acrylic emulsions.

The result is already on the market with a growing acceptance by our regular customers. We have developed BIO polyurethane resins for our most marketed products that cover the entire spectrum of physical properties: hardness, elongation and resistance.

In the field of acrylic dispersions, we have created resins of BIO origin for: printing, resins, impregnation applications and alternatives to our main anionic and cationic products.

All these products are certified by Beta Analytic laboratories in Florida, where they determine by C14 method the amount of carbon in the product of Bio origin.