R3BORN Project

The R3BORN project pursues the target to develop and implement a viable technology for the recycling of those plastics that are destined to the package sector.

Of the 45 millions of tons of plastic that are consumed in Europe, those plastics that are destined to the package sector form almost 40% of the whole total.

The used polymeres in this type of applications are diverse in its composition and nature and can be polyolefines like polyethylene, polypropylene and other polymeres of polar nature like polyamides, poli(ethylene terephthalate) passing through copolymers of ethylene and alcohol of polyvinyl, polystyrol and EPS.

This wide diversity unified to the incompatability in lots of cases of the polymeres of the same family provokes that the recycling of these rests complicates too much forcing us to destinate them in the best of the cases to processes of energetic valorisation or in the last of the cases to their deposition to landfills with the implicated environmental impact of this solution to waste ressources.
CROMOGENIA together with LEITAT and the other consortium members (FERROVIAL SERVICIOS, CALAF INDUSTRIAL, GALLOPLAST, FIGUERAS and CONTENUR) plan to give a solution to this problema developping new technologies of recycling of those plastic rests that come from packaging that after having passed through a mechanic process for its recovery are finally deposited in landfills or incinerators because of their difficult recycling and reincorporation into the value chain.
The main objective of CROMOGENIA in this project was it to develop a new family of reconciling agents for the upgrading of thermoplastic materials out of packaging waste.

The project has been cofinanced by the European Fond of Regional Development (FEDER) via the Pluriregional Operative Programme for Intelligent Growth 2014-2020 and by the Centre for Industrial Technologial Development (CDTI), supported by the Ministry for Economy and Competition (CDTI IDI-20151233).

IDI-20151233 “Development of an innovative system of reconciling and recycling of plastic rests – R3BORN”.