Representatives of the Coatings Division have participated with a stand in the European Coating Show (ECS) that took place in Nuremberg, Germany, from the 19th to 21st of March. A stand that has served us to open our company’s doors to the latest clients and collaborators so as to new members. It was possible to explain our latest investigation projects that enable us to create more efficient products like Cromelastic UV, our PUD based on water for UV tanning, Cromelastic ECO based on water and a healthy as well as sustainable PUD so as Forzal D, our thermosensitive PUD for adhesives based on water.

During these days our stand has converted into an important meeting point with clients, distributors, collaborators and new contacts from all over the world. The expectations regarding the fair have been fully surpassed, as the number of meetings has almost triplicated the planned ones and the stand got too small for that lot of interest.

That’s why the Coatings Division wants to thank all of you that have collaborated to make this success in the European Coatings Show come true: collaborators, partners, clients and, especially, companions of Cromogenia.

The ECS is the biggest fair worldwide related to the raw material sector that concerns the production of paintings, polishing and dye substances. With this presence, Cromogenia has consolidated as one of the companies of biggest future importance and impact with regards to the dispersion sector of polyurethane (PUD), acrylic emulsions and additives. Therefore we hope to continue participating in the next ECS.