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In Cromogenia Units we have a wide range of flocculant and coagulant products, SIFLOC, ROPOL and ROQUAT for urban, industrial, mining waters, etc. apart from oily muds treatment, oils clarification and separation or the discoloration of textile or tanning industrial effluents.  And, of course, we put at our customer’s service the new SIFLOC LDP range, liquid polyelectrolyte with oil base.



Cromogenia Units has recently developed a line of highly cationic non dangerous polymers, covered by an European patent, that show an excellent behaviour in the sewage waters treatment cycle, acting as an coadjuvant in water flocculation and in the removal of phosphorous salts, replacing totally or partially or in combination with ferrous salts, polyamines and DADMACs.


Against Inorganic Coagulants

  • Not affected by pH
  • Less dosage
  • Reduction of residual iron in treated water.
  • Improved dehydration capacities.

Against Polyamines

  • ATC neutralisation.
  • Stickies and Pitch reduction.
  • Residual waters and deinking clarification.

Against Polidadmac

  • In flocculation, coagulation, discolouration, DQO removal and algae remover.

Other Markets

  • DQO removal in primary and secondary decantation.
  • Mud dehydration coadjuvant.
  • Colour elimination in textile.
  • Water clarification in mining water recirculation.
  • Mineral thickener.
  • Oily waters and petrol clarification.

Cromogenia Units presents a new patented synthetic or Polidacmac organic coagulant with ultra high cationicity and different molecular weights, designed to definitively substitute the inorganic coagulants range of the market. Its substitution is, hence, economically effective against other organic coagulants with polyamine base in every present applications, in process treatment and paper, mining, petrol, industrial and urban effluents.


  • In accordance with the new requirements un the utilization of products for water for human consumption treatment, our organic coagulant SIFLOC C40 comply with the UNE regulation: EN 1408:1998.
  • SIFLOC C40L has an average molecular weight, maintaining an excellent compromise between the quick colloidal solids sedimentation and the best quality in treated water.
  • SIFLOC C40 has a very high molecular weight, which favours the quicker sedimentation of the colloidal solids. Combined with aluminium salts it noticeably improves the sedimentation and stabilization of muds to obtain a quicker sedimentation, a more transparent overflow with a smaller content in residual aluminium and a more stable and consolidated mud, specially in conditions of high floatage clots.

The Sifloc flocculants range is especially designed for solid-liquid separation both in the industrial and urban residual waters processes. The wide range of products is the result of an intense development and more than 10 years of field experience. The vast nature of the product range comes from the selection of the optimal products in every particular application. The innovative LDP series stand out, oil based polyelectrolytes with high concentration and efficiency.

LDP Range advantages versus inverse emulsions:

  • Quality. It is free of lump and other particles that might obstruct pumps or pipes.
  • Stability. Stable at extreme temperatures and sudden changes, it does not evaporate nor condense therefore it does not generate precipitates.
  • Expiration. Stable for more than 2 years without any neither physical nor effectiveness alteration.
  • Versatility. With only 8 products, all possible treatments are covered.
  • Dispersability. Activation of the preparation in a few seconds.
  • Cost reduction. Dosage reduction in minimum 30% and or increase in the dehydrated mud dryness.
  • Efficient in hard waters. Optimal synergy with reused and hard waters.
  • Causes stable reparation minimum 72 real hours.
  • Low viscosity. Does not need preparation equipment or special pumps.



Low toxicity SIFLOC range and different levels with low cost, high flocculation and sedimentation speed, mud thickening improvement, high supernatant clarity, excellent correlation between polyelectrolyte sedimentation and filtration giving a high solid concentration and optimal capacities in handling with a wide pH range.

The main benefits of using SIFLOC flocculants in this application are the following:

  • Less dosage an flocculant cost reduction.

  • Increased flocculation and sedimentation speed, increasing the final production capacity.

  • Increase in the decanted muds concentration and bigger water recuperation from mud.

  • Bigger supernatant clarity producing muds with improved filtration quality.

  • Excellent interrelation between the polyelectrolyte used for decantation and the one aimed for filtration, resulting in bigger solid concentrations and more optimal capacities for the final manipulation.

  • Effective to a wide range of pH

  • Wide range of products for special mining processes.



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